Goose on the Loose!

Goose on the Loose!, a Chevy Chase comedy shot years ago, was finally released in Ontario in August 2006. Davis
had a scene with the legendary Joan Plowright. The film was in post-production for about five years!

49th and Main

The six new episodes of 49th and Main wrapped shooting on April 2, 2006,
and were broadcast by the CBC in July. Davis co-wrote the episodes with
head writer, Barbara Ellison, and directed three of them. In the sample
episode of 49th and Main, Davis plays the mysterious Wealthy Gentleman.
He also directed and co-wrote the episode. Even Davis' well known ability
to keep his cool is shattered when Brooke gives him the big tease.


A formerly athletic retiree has a crippling heart attack in his late sixties. He challenges
his fate to compete again in the National Water Ski Championships. A unique sports
film that combines Davis' interest in the meaning of life and his passion for the sport
of water skiing. This short film might be the first fiction film to focus on water skiing.
The film was shot in Calgary at the Predator Bay water ski site. William B. Davis 
directed with assistance from Jonathan Joffe of Calgary. Tom Braidwood was the 1st
AD and Sine Quo Non. The film played at the Whistler and Vancouver Film Festivals.

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Robson Arms

Davis plays the curmudgeon, Carlisle Wainright, a
psychiatrist kicked out of his practice for having
sex with, and finally marrying a patient, and who
now writes self-help books. His marriage to the
younger Margot Kidder is in its last throes. Sadly,
Davis character was killed off in the second season.
But it was fun while it lasted. 

Davis, who has taught acting for decades, admits to
learning a few new tricks from the experienced Kidder:

"No one knows better than Margot where the camera is and how to make sure her image is prominent in the shot!
She showed me a few simple tricks. Of course, she went a bit too far when I looked towards the camera in my close
up and realized her head was totally covering the lens!"

Stargate SG-1

Davis shot two episodes of Stargate playing a mysterious
prior. The role provided an unusual opportunity for Davis to
show off his theatrical talents.

Cost of Living

Davis starred in this ultra-low budget short film, written and
directed by Jonathan Joffe of Calgary. The theme of this fantastically
successful film explores an age old sci-fi question: What would you
be willing to pay for immortality?

Dark Pines

In this actor-driven docudrama, Davis plays the mysterious Shannon Fraser who may have been responsible for the
murder of one of Canada's best known painters, Tom Thompson.

The X-Files

You can still see Davis as the iconic Cigarette Smoking 

Man on re-runs and on DVD. Unfortunately, you won't

see him in the 2008 movie!